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Monday, 02nd of August 2021


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 Office of the Mayor (043) 4240 - NAS  (LOCAL 111, 112, 129, 130)
To exercise general supervision and control over all programs, projects, services, and activities of the municipal government. Determine the guidelines of municipal policies and be responsible to the Sangguniang Bayan to the program of the government. Direct the formulation of the municipal development plan, with the assistance of the municipal development council, and upon approval thereof by the Sangguniang Bayan, implement the same. Initiate and propose legislative measures to the Sangguniang Bayan and from time to time as situation may require, provide such information and data needed or requested by the Sanggunian and performance of its legislative functions.
m sconajr
Sofronio C. Ona Jr.
Municipal Mayor
 Office of the Vice-Mayor (043) 424-0126, (043) 4240 - NAS  (LOCAL 123)
Be the presiding officer of the Sangguniang Bayan and sign all warrants drawn on the municipal treasury for all expenditures, appropriation for the operation of the Sangguniang Bayan.
Vice Mayor Renante L. Macalindong
Renante L. Macalindong
 Office of the Sangguniang Bayan (043) 42-40-NAS (LOCAL 125)
The Sangguniang Bayan, as the legislative body of the municipality shall enact ordinances; approve resolution, appropriate funds for the general welfare of the municipality.
Sangguniang Bayan 
 Office of the Secretary to the Sanggunian (043) 42-40-NAS (LOCAL 125)
Takes charge of the Office of the Secretary to the Sanggunian. Attends meetings of the Sanggunian and keeps journal of the proceedings. Keeps the seal of the Local Government Unit and affixes the same with his signature to all ordinances, resolutions and other official acts of the Sanggunian, and present the same to the presiding officer for his signature.
Glenmore C. Padua
Glenmore C. Padua
SB Secretary
 Office of the Executive Assistant (043) 42-40-NAS (LOCAL 128) 
Studies, replies and prepares executive actions or decisions of various administrative bodies and recommends approval or disapproval to the Local Chief Executive.

Prepares agenda for meeting of executive bodies and assists in the implementation of their decision/s.

Does research, administrative and technical duties as assigned by the Mayor.

Perform other duties and function assigned by the Mayor.

Executes and implements various programs of the Local Chief Executive.

Executes various memoranda and orders of the Local Chief Executive.
d rpnoche
Ruperto P. Noche, Jr.
Executive Assistant
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 Office of the Municipal Administrator (043) 424-0125, (043) 4240 – NAS (LOCAL 117, 118, 133)
Develops plans and strategies and upon approval thereof by the Mayor, as the case maybe, implements the same, particularly those involving management and administration of related programs and projects which the mayor is empowered and the Sanggunian has asserted for positive action.
Engr. Rexner Jown V. Pastoral
Engr. Rexner Jown V. Pastoral
Municipal Administrator

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