A Drop of Blood Saves Lives

blood-letting_2013Aside from being hospitable, Calaqueños are known for their big heart. Their willingness to share a small or big favor never matters. The same was evident during the conduct of the blood donation program of the Local Government thru the Office of the Municipal Health. The program was held every quarter where the 40 barangays were clustered as blood donors from among the roster of barangay officials, volunteer workers and even private individuals.  The goal is to collect blood and store it in the blood bank to save a fellow’s life in the future.

For the first quarter of the Year 2013, the blood-letting activity was held on February 20 at the Calaca Health Center. There were 47 participants from different barangays such as Timbain, Bagong Tubig, Puting Kahoy, Pantay, Sinisian, Lumbang na Bata, Puting Bato West, Lumbang Calzada, Lumbang na Matanda, Matipok, Poblacion 1 and Camastilisan. Employees of the local government unit, RNHeals and from Balayan Distillery Inc., one of the companies in the locality also participated in the program.

The program was sustained through the able leadership of Dr. Marjolyne Sharon Ona, Municipal Health Officer in coordination with Batangas Regional Hospital Blood Bank Department.