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Tuesday, 26th of May 2020
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CALACAtchara Festival 2018

calacatchara-2018 massCALACAtchara Festival 2018 is a variety. It was a combination of presentation, competition, recognition and public service.

The procession of devotees bearing the image of Calaca’s Patron Saint, St. Raphael Archangel, to Barangay Quizumbing, followed by a fluvial procession along the municipality’s waters at Balayan Bay during the early hours of the 15th day of October 2018 marked the beginning of the 14th season of the “Longest Running Festival” in the Province of Batangas, The CalacAtchara Festival.

calacatchara-2018 bmegThe night of Day 1 (October 15) witnessed the presentation of Calaca Academy in a life-lesson-filled fantasy with songs and dances bearing the title “Tining na Kaalaman sa Hiwaga ng Ginintuang Pahina.”

calacatchara-2018 public-service“Presentation Only” shows are the “Locators’ Night” where employees of the different locators showed their mastery of rhythms; the B-Meg Night where the audience were delighted by the “Mhel and Acrobat”, Igneous Band and celebrity performers Anton Antenor Cruz, Cliff Hogan, Janine Tenoso and Jhon Roa; and, the Mayor’s Night which featured the bands “Music Beat” and “All Cast” and former Rivermaya vocalist Jayson Fernandez.

Amidst the merriment and the festivities, October 19 is accentuated with the purpose to continuously serve the people. This time, the Municipal Government and other concerned government agencies and private companies incorporated the SSS ID Program with the JOB Fair. The event was participated to by eighteen companies offering both local and foreign jobs. It was attended by six hundred eighty applicants. Fifty Seven applicants in the job fair were hired on the spot.

October 17 was a day to recognize the agricultural sector, more particularly the farming and fishing sectors. With the intent to stir interest among attendees, the program featured the: (1) Cookfest: Pinakbet Challenge; and (2) The Search for Gandang Magsasaka 2018.

Winners in the Cookfest: Pinakbet Challenge are:

            First Place                                 :           Cahil Farmers Association

            Second Place                             :           Taklang Anak Farmers Association

            Third Place                                :           Balimbing Farmers Association

The Search for Gandang Magsasaka 2018 has the following results:

            Best in Modelling                        :           Ma. Victoria Villanueva of Balimbing FA

            Best in Talent                            :           Angelita Magsino of Dila FA

            Best in Q & A                             :           Florentina BItang of Caluangan FA

            Second Runner-up                      :           Menchie Manibo of Madalunot FA

            First Runner-up                          :           Maribel Vergara of Coral ni Bacal FA

            Gandang Magsasaka 2018          :           Ma. Victoria Villanueva of Balimbing FA.

calacatchara-2018 agri calacatchara-2018 mountain-bike-xco

Running aficionados and fun-runners were the feature of the early morning hours of October 18. They flocked at the Activity Site to attend the Patikar-Run for Fun, a three-kilometer fun-run along the streets of the poblacion area.

Other presentations during the ten-day festivities were the following:

  • Gay-Sha Fantasia, a cosplay which is open to all gays on 16 October;
  • ABC Night (Sayawan sa Calaca Invitational Dance Sport Competition) 16 October;
  • Senior Citizens’ Night bearing the title “Si Lolo o Si Lola at Si Apo” on 17 October;
  • SK Night (October 18) entitled “Hip on What’s Up Dance Contest”;

The Mountain Bike XCO Challenge 2018 held on 20 October 2018, a bike race open to bikers, both from near and afar started at 7:30 A.M. and resulted in the following:

            Women Open Category   :           Melissa Jane Jaroda                    First Place

                                                            Avegail Rombaon                       Second Place

                                                            Nicole Quintones                        Third Place

           50 Above Category         :           Isidro Ayubo                              First Place

                                                            Joseph Iballa                             Second Place

                                                            Antonio Domingo                        Third Place

            18 Below Category         :           Jericho Rivera                            First Place

                                                            Michael Ricafrente                      Second Place

                                                            Emmanuel Dave Montemayor      Third Place

            19-29 Category              :           Jayson Banate                           First Place

                                                            Raven Carl Benito                      Second Place

                                                            Michael Climaco                         Third Place

            30-39 Category              :           Filomeno Amago III                   First Place

                                                            Zeus Alfaro                                Second Place

                                                            Ryan Ely Reynancia                    Third Place

            40-49 Category              :           Angelito Glinogo             First Place

                                                            Arnold Pinano                            Second Place

                                                            Alfredo Rivera                            Third Place

            Pro-Elite Category          :           Alvin Benosa                              First Place

                                                            Cris Joven                                 Second Place

                                                            Cesar Lapaza                             Third Place.

The CALACAtchara Car and Motor Show, a certified crowd-drawer, again wowed the throng of viewers with the presence of exquisite and jaw-dropping cars and motorcycles from Calaca and other municipalities. 

calacatchara-2018 car-and-motor-show

 The Street and Court Dancing Competition on 21 October 2018 with the theme “Pinagmulan, Ugnayan, Kalakan” was participated by fourteen groups in the elementary category while there were seven participants in the secondary category, all schools from the Municipality of Calaca.

Results of the competition were:



            First Place                     :           Calaca Central School (Group #2)

Second Place                 :           Lumbang na Bata Elementary School, Niyugan Elementary School, Putting Kahoy Elementary School & Bagong Tubig Elementary School (Group #8)

Third Place                    :           Tamayo Elementary School (Group #14)

Fourth Place                  :           Puting Bato Elementary School (Group #5)

Fifth Place                     :           Cahil Elementary School, Loma Elementary School, Matala Elementary School & Taklang Anak Elementary School (Group #10)


            First Place                     :           Calaca Senior High School (Group #2)

            Second Place                 :           Paterno National High School (Group #5)

            Third Place                    :           Lumbang na Matanda National High School (Group #6)



            First Place                     :           Calaca Central School (Group #2)

Second Place                 :           Cahil Elementary School, Loma Elementary School, Matala Elementary School & Taklang Anak Elementary School (Group #10)

Third Place                    :           Tamayo Elementary School (Group #14)

Fourth Place                  :           Camastilisan Elementary School (Group #9)

Fifth Place                     :           Coral ni Lopez Elementary School, Lumbang na Matanda Elementary School & Baclas Elementary School (Group #12)


            First Place                     :           Calaca Senior High School (Group #2)

            Second Place                 :           Paterno National High School (Group #5)

            Third Place                    :           Batangas Province Science High School (Group #4)


Elementary                    :           Tamayo Elementary School (Group #14)

Secondary                     :           Calaca Senior High School (Group #2)

calacatchara-2018 street-dancing calacatchara-2018 court-dancing

On the 23rd of October, the Drum and Lyre Competition was held and which contest was participated by four entries in the elementary level and two entries in the secondary level. Results of which are as follows:

Elementary Level

            First Place                     :           Salong Elementary School Mini-Band

            Second Place                 :           Dacanlao Gregorio Agoncillo Elementary School Mini-Band

            Third Place                    :           Bagong Tubig Elementary School Mini-Band

            Fourth Place                  :           Calaca Central School Mini-Band

Secondary Level

            First Place                     :           Pedro A. Paterno National High School Mini-Band

            Second Place                 :           Dacanlao Gregorio Agoncillo National High School Mini-Band

calacatchara-2018 drum-and-lyreParticipating in the presentation on exhibition were R. Concepcion Montessori School Mini-Band and the St. Raphael Archangel Parochial School Mini-Band.

The festival’s darling of the crowd, itself a certified crowd drawer and SRO (standing room only) presentation is the Binibining CALACAtchara, a beauty and brains competition which serves as a platform for young Calaquenas to exhibit and reveal their talents and wits. The event also serves as a venue for the selection of the municipality’s candidate to the Mutya ng Batangan, a province-wide search for a beauteous Batanguena to represent Batangas in higher levels of beauty competitions.

Binibining CALACAtchara 2018, held on October 19, 2018, featured twenty-four young ladies representing their barangays. From the initial twenty four, the contestants were trimmed to twelve. They were: Ms. Sinisian, Ms. Puting Bato West, Ms. Quizumbing, Ms. Calantas, Ms. Camastilisan, Ms. Bambang, Ms. Poblacion 5, Ms. Poblacion 2, Ms. Pantay, Ms. Poblacion 1, Ms. Bagong Tubig and Ms. Salong.

calacatchara-2018 bb-calacatcharaFrom the twelve semi-finalist were selected the Top 5 finalist. It included Ms. Bambang, Ms. Poblacion 1, Ms. Pantay, Ms. Bagong Tubig and Ms. Poblacion 2.

In the process of tabulating the results, the beautiful ladies were serenaded by celebrity performer Michael Pangilinan.

In the end, Ms. Pantay was crowned as the Binibining CALACAtchara 2018. She also amassed almost every award available, both minor and major, the reason why she was informally adjudged by the crowd as the “Hakot Award Queen”.

In a capsule, CALACAtchara Festival 2018 turned another page in its colorful history and farther stamped its claim to the “Longest Running Festival” in the Province of Batangas. And central to the celebration are the words of the Honorable Mayor Sofronio Manuel “Boogle” C. Ona, viz: “AS WE CELEBRATE THE ARTISTIC REVELRY AND UNIQUE CULTURE OF THE CALAQUENOS, WE REAFFIRM THE REPUTATION OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF CALACA AS THE HOME OF THE BEST TASTING ATCHARA.”



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