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Monday, 06th of July 2020


May 2018


2018-05 mbo-cup


CALACAtchara Festival 2018


calacatchara-2018 massCALACAtchara Festival 2018 is a variety. It was a combination of presentation, competition, recognition and public service.

The procession of devotees bearing the image of Calaca’s Patron Saint, St. Raphael Archangel, to Barangay Quizumbing, followed by a fluvial procession along the municipality’s waters at Balayan Bay during the early hours of the 15th day of October 2018 marked the beginning of the 14th season of the “Longest Running Festival” in the Province of Batangas, The CalacAtchara Festival.

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April 2018


2018-04 2s-4c-classroom-bambang

2018-04 2s-4c-classroom-bisaya

2018-04 2s-4c-classroom-camastilisan

2018-04 2s-4c-classroom-lnm 

2018-04 2s-4c-classroom-salong

2018-04 2s-4c-classroom-sugod-cnl

2018-04 bemonc-bldg-b3 

 2018-04 main-pipeline-various-brgys

2018-04 rehabilitation-san-rafael-st-b6

2018-04 road-and-drainage-camastilisan

2018-04 slope-protection-bambang

2018-04 slope-protection-taklang-anak

2018-04 water-supply-system-imus-lnb

2018-04 water-supply-system-niyugan

2018-04 welcome-arch

2018-04 laptop-computers-deped-calaca

2018-04 sound-system-and-office-equipment-mio

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